"Luv d clothing.....maks me feel much more confidnt..///:-D"
Posted By : Akanksha Gupta
"Loaded with style nd fun evr...Madame u r d best"
Posted By : Shailly Sarl
"women want shopping shopping in madame  madame is best brand for girls"
Posted By : Monika Mendiratta
"Thank you so much MADAME - Be Everyone U.R. for sending such a lovely Christmas gift.. A tee and A pearl set and a Wow! card!.. It was soo beautiful.. Thank you so much.."
Posted By : Ishita Jain
"Madame stores..... Omg look attractive n tempting even from outside, cant resist to go inside.... Love the brand n clothing... Can differentiate me from the crowd!"
Posted By : Disha Patel
"awesme dresng madame keep it gng n d same way yo !!!!"
Posted By : Ayushee Arora
"madame is a brand.which cn justify a girl...
its collectiob are much btr thn other brrands.. nd wow!!!! serusly
....lots of lov.."
Posted By : Akira Thapliyal
"Hello madame today I bought a lovely dress.if I wish i"ll buy all items and grab the all dresses and bags,sleeprs n oll that thanks madame for giving me a gud smile and makes me happy luv u madame <3"
Posted By : Shaba Javed
"Hello Madame!!
So much i love this brand and specially the collection of your bags. I love chain bags the most. Its my request plz plz plz provide some chain sling bags collections at your madame website so that i can buy some more because the madame showroom in ranchi they arent ordering any chain bags now. I have been waiting for 3months though i had already bought 2 chain bags.
Love u guys sooooo much. Feel like a true lady when i have the mm logo in it."
Posted By : Manmeet Kaur
"the new collection of wallets clutches n bags by madame makes me go weak on my knees.. bought 1 yesterday, wish i could get all of them.. totally in love, madly and deeply..."
Posted By : Varsha Bhansali
"i luv madame.... My most fav brand!!"
Posted By : Trishty Khandelwal
"awsm cloths.madame is super trndy"
Posted By : Snazy Sharma
"hey datz me favrt brand i luv it.."
Posted By : Ruchika Singh
"Just now got your lovely tee ....... i liked it very much and it is perfect fit ......thank you so much MADAME - Be Everyone U.R"
Posted By : Latha Velagapudi
"Hi  Madame..
All your apparels are so comfortable and stylish.. I love flaunting wearing them.. Thanks for bringing smile on my face"
Posted By : Parul Parihar
"madame is fashion and FASHION is MADAME"
Posted By : Chitra Vijaykumar
"I believe in ur brand madame!!"
Posted By : Preeti Koul
"Thank u madame for making my birthday by sending me a lovely gift frm madame."
Posted By : Garima Girdhar Ahuja
"i like madame brand too much"
Posted By : Simran Bakshi
"Hi team..
I have visited many stores of Madame across country.
And I love your collection."
Posted By : Aarushi Singh
"Madame jeans are my favorite  I will definitely visit the store soon."
Posted By : Ankita Kathuria
"How cute waoo.. Love the studio collection."
Posted By : Shine
"Nice collection"
Posted By : Ranveer Singh
"Love the looks by Madame"
Posted By : Varsha Bhansali
"Ur collection is amazing!! Indeed"
Posted By : Priya Garg
"when em in doubt i go madame..be everyone you are :)"
Posted By : Anubha Duhan
"I get confused in the Madame store because everything is so awesome.."
Posted By : Khushboo Gaur
"Hi there! I just love the collection:) I'm one in billion happy customer."
Posted By : Syeda Hafsa Kalimi
"We at Wooplr have featured you guys in our guide on the "5 ways to make Lace work for you". Lovely collection :)"
Posted By : Uttara Rao
"thx team for your kind revert & kindness to provide us with latest fashion updates."
Posted By : Neeta Dam
"MADAME STYLE WEEK!!!..Fabulous Event!!..Hats off!!!"
Posted By : Smriti Jain
"Thank u team MADAME for givin such a luvly opportunity to feel d entire world of fashion...Im feelin top of d world"
Posted By : Sonali Chauhan
"awesme dresng madame keep it gng n d same way yo !!!!"
Posted By : Ayushee Arora
"Amidst the stiff competition between the major brands, you guys really know how to make a customer permanently yours with all these grace gifts & cards. Thankyou! In love with your apparels AND your marketing policies!"
Posted By : Vagisha Vasudev
"madame is a brand.which cn justify a girl...
its collectiob are much btr thn other brrands.. nd wow!!!! serusly
....lots of lov.."
Posted By : Akira Thapliyal
"Eagerly waiting for winters.. Because I'll get to shop from Madame :) :)"
Posted By : Shruti Sharma
"Found the perfect lace heels I was looking for from Madame. Good job"
Posted By : Jasmeet Kaur
"My favourite passtime on facebook is to come on Madame page and scrolllllll"
Posted By : Megha Vasudev
"Awesome collection. Looking forward for some stylish boots this winter."
Posted By : Bharti Gupta
"Heyy one of my favourite brand, just followed you on insta."
Posted By : Achla Yadav
"Madame I love your contests, please start one soon. By the way awesome collection"
Posted By : Parul Dhingra
"Just shopped for my birthday dress from Madame. Loving it"
Posted By : Manisha Taneja
"Awesome!!!!!!!!! Experience shopping with Madame :)"
6 Jun, 2015
Posted By : Manishi Guleria
New Delhi
"My Wife liked your new arrival of cool airy blue, I just bagged in Snow White dress for her and she loved it. Loved shopping from Madame......"
6 Jun, 2015
Posted By : Himanshu Gupta
"I just bought your JOEI Perfume with your 10% discount coupon. Fragrance is so Gr8.<3"
6 Jun, 2015
Posted By : Manyata Ghai

Thank you so much for helping me out! Really appreciate this! :D

6 Jun, 2015
Posted By : Divya Gattani
Madhya Pradesh
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