Women Wear - Choose Clothes According To Your Role, Body Shape And Need

We used to say first impression is the last impression; this phrase suits the women very well, as each and every woman is very cognisant about its looks. Every time when we go out, our dressing style always send a message to others. Today’s women are autonomous, self-sufficient and carrier-conscious. She has sense of control to take on its own decisions. So there is a drastic change not only in her thoughts and opinions but also her clothing style.

Even though women in different regions have different styles of clothing but there are certain styles of women wears that are trendier than the others. In the ancient time, most popular women apparels in India were saris, salwar kameez and other ethnic dresses. But with the modernisation most of the women prefer western wears like kurtas, shirts, blazers, trousers, skirts etc for casual outings and saris, lehengas, salwar suits for parties and occasions. One should consider following points at the time of purchasing women wear:

Choose clothes according to your role: A woman has to play variety of significant roles in our society such as a house wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a working women etc. So, one should opt for clothing according to their comfort and personality. For working women, Western wears like trousers, pants with shirts and kurtas are more demanding as these outfits take less time to wear and easy to adore. Similarly teenagers and modern girl have strong impact of movies and media so they want to go with latest fashion trends.

Right clothes according to body shape: Women should choose their apparels according to their shape .Women body shape can be categorised as hour glass, rectangular, apple shaped and pear shaped. High-rise pants, belts, and waist-cinching tops are suitable for hour glass and rectangular shaped body. Flattering wide leg pants and even proportionate jackets and tops from shoulder to hips looks good on apple shaped and pear shaped body.

Features according to need: There is different variety of dresses available for casual wear, formal wear, informal wear and ethnic wear. The casual garments are definitely great choices as these garments provide comfort, ease in movement and make us relax. The formal attire project classy, elegant and feminine look usually picked for formal meetings, office, cocktail parties and evening outs etc. Ethnic items worn only for specific occasions, ceremonies, weddings or ritual events.

Other than that while purchasing women wear one should judge about the colour, texture, quality and brand as well that you want in your closet. Colour and texture is important, especially in clothing as colours reveals about our moods.

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