Layering Is Not Just For Winters - Style Your Summer Tees And Tops

Summer tops and tees are the focus of any wardrobe during the warm months. There are many styles available at leading brand outlets and online stores, such as the premium apparel brand Madame. Shop for your summer staples and make them work twice as hard by layering them. It is a style that most women work during the winters, it is just as easy and trendy during the summers too.

To layer tees and tops choose them with care. Select those pieces that will not add bulk and are light enough to be worn together. The important elements for a layered look are - a few fitted tank tops, few tube tops, close fitting tees, sheer tops and tops in different styles. Mix and match these elements to make your casuals and formals work well together for a great look. Pair a tube top with a button down top so that it peeks through or wear a tank top with a tee underneath. A formal blouse can be worn casually by throwing on a tank top or tee over it. A layered look is all about letting the various elements of the outfit show. This creates interest in the outfit where no one piece takes centerstage and everything works only when put together in the right manner.

Another unwritten rule of layering is achieving balance. If you choose to wear a loose, oversized shirt layered with tees or tanks, wear tights or fitted jeans with it. It will keep you from looking like a scarecrow. Remember that no clothing in any layer should be too tight as it will only create unseemly bulges. Avoid this faux pax at all costs. Layering should look natural and not forced. Think through your look but do not over style it. It is supposed to look casually chic, keep it that way and avoid over accessorising. Also, keep in mind that temperature changes when alternating between outdoors and indoors may force you to remove or add a layer; be prepared.

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