Party Dresses For Every Body Shape

Parties call for special outfits and dresses fit the bill perfectly. For every party that you attend, you need a dress to match the occasion. Just as every woman is a unique size and shape there are dresses that are suited for every type. Madame is the store to turn to for all party dresses for women. Select your style, bearing in mind this rough guide to dressing to flatter your best features.

For the Curvy Woman - For a well endowed woman, feeling proud of her body is just a matter of choosing the right clothes. Steer clear of clothes designed to hide your curves and choose those that hug them instead. Choose dresses with a neckline that is neither high neck, nor a scoped neck, but somewhere in between. Choose the length that you are comfortable with and fabrics that are not overly stretchy but retain their shape.

For the Athletic Woman - Although a lot of women would envy you, they would find it difficult to understand your need to add feminine touches to your tees and jeans routine. When choosing a dress, go in for details that add volume, such as pin-tucks, pleats, frills, smocking and the like. A cowl neck looks good as does a high neck or Chinese collar. Choose layered fabrics for added volume.

For the Pear Shaped Woman - A heavy bottom is not tough to handle, given you carry the attention upwards. Choose dresses with interesting necklines and detailing around the bodice. Remember no frills or pleats around the hip region and go for dresses that fit at the waist, slightly flaring below that.

For the Apple Shaped Woman - A common matter of concern among women, but with a simple solution. Choose a-shaped dresses that flare at the empire line. Selecting a light fabric will ensure that the dress doesn't highlight the tummy region. Avoid tight fitted clothes and opt for softer drapes that embrace the body.

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