These days handbags are most prestigious than other accessories because they’ve become a lifestyle statement of a woman’s eminence. Growing social freedom of women from past few years is main reason behind rising popularity of handbags. Before ages woman’s role was very conservative and she used to own single bag for all occasions. But as women started leaving the home, bags became a constructive way of carrying their possessions.

Women bags are now available in various varieties, sizes and shapes with gorgeous look to enhance one’s personality .These day’s women bags are accessible for every purposes with unique styles whether it is for office, for casual day out or for any special occasion. Followings are some of the trendy bags every women can consider while purchasing for their closet:-

Baguette: – Baguette bag is not only an elegant accessory, but also perfect for every occasion with roomy interior. These bags are small, narrow in length but long from side to side. The name baguette is due to its shape that resembles a French bread.

Bowler:-As the name suggests Bowler bag is inspired by the shape of bags initially intended for carrying bowling balls. These bags are everyday stylish with spacious interior for all types of essentials.

Bucket: – Bucket bags are famous for their drawstring closure with oval bottom. These bags are mainly of leather available in large and medium sizes according to demand with long shoulder straps.

Clutch: – Clutch looks perfect paired with a casual dress and leather boots. A clutch is a small, handheld bag with low capacity generally for formal occasions.

Cross body: – Any bag with an extra long adjustable strap that hangs off your shoulder and across your body. These bags are mainly good for day outs, sightseeing etc where you want your hands free.

Envelope:- This rectangular style bags evokes a paper envelope with tie having durable appearance. Normally these bags resembles clutch but with chain strap.

Hobo:-Hobo is a crescent-shaped bag typically large in size with short or long straps. Hobo bags are perfect, roomy and versatile bag suitable for every purpose.

Minaudiere:– A small, metal evening bag adorned with ornamentation like jewels or beads and often has a chain strap for carrying. These bags look perfect for bridals and evening outs for eye catching facade.

Pouch:-A soft leather or fabric bag that can have either long, short or no straps at all and closes with a drawstring or zipper.

So, we can say that varieties of gorgeous bags are available for every women of all proportion.  And is engaged in providing such Gorgeous Bags that embrace all women shapes.